Documento de Cary Audio sobre su CD 303/300

Diseños sobresalientes a bulbos o transistores, Cary Audio establece pautas en la industria del audio high end.
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Documento de Cary Audio sobre su CD 303/300

Notapor @armonia-av » Mar Sep 16, 2008 12:19 am

Documento de Cary Audio sobre su CD 303/300:

The Cary Audio Design CD 303/300 player delivers a rich musical experience that honestly challenges many long-held notions about the sonic limitations of standard CD playback. It consistently reveals subtlety, nuance and emotional impact in recorded performances in a manner previously associated with only the very best analog media such as master tapes. The natural ambience of performance spaces, the spontaneous emotion of the human voice, the sinuous bowing of strings and the visceral brunt of percussion are presented with startling credibility. HDCD playback is stunning in its recreation of lifelike musical dynamics and 3-dimensional space that wraps around and behind the listener.

The specially-selected ROM drive used in the CD 303/300 allows multiple laser passes to be made, ensuring correct data recovery from the disc. This improves the standard compact disk error-correction capability one hundredfold by allowing complete buffering of the recovered data.To reduce bit stream jitter to an absolute minimum, the digital circuitry incorporates three data buffers. Two of these operate in a ‘First In-First Out’ mode where the data are held for several seconds and re-clocked before being passed on to the Digital-to-Analog Converters, or DACs. As a result, data entering the DACs are practically jitter-free, with the jitter bandwidth held below 0.1 Hz.

The digital signal path incorporates both proprietary error correction/concealment circuitry and Cary Audio Design’s acclaimed 'Resolution Enhancement' digital signal processor (DSP). Here, the 16-bit audio signal is expanded to 24 bits. Upsampling from the standard 44.1 kHz rate to 96, 192, 384, 512 or 768 kHz occurs in one of three 48-bit processors operating at 190 MIPS. The overall DSP algorithm with selectable upsampling supports D-to-A conversion filtering far above the range of human hearing. The result is elimination of audible sonic artifacts and the release of pure music from both HDCD and standard Red Book disks.

In keeping with Cary Audio’s optimized hybrid design philosophy, the CD 303/300 employs high-precision, multi-bit, over sampled delta-sigma D-to-A converters feeding a sonically-matched proprietary analog output stage of the highest quality. User selection of either the tube or solid-state output stage is available via remoteEach circuit is highly musical; however the tube output stage significantly increases depth while expanding the soundstage in all directions. Both single-ended and balanced outputs are provided; the latter providing exceptionally low noise and high signal integrity when long (> 3m) interconnects are used. The signal path is fully balanced throughout.

To ensure the finest possible sound quality, the CD 303/300 is constructed using a separate motherboard and DSP board, each with its own buffered power supply. Five distinct analog power supplies energize the main computer, decoder, FIFO buffers, upsampling DSP and DACs. In tradition with all Cary Audio Design products, the CD 303/300 uses audiophile-grade capacitors throughout. Each component - even each resistor - has been carefully selected to achieve the greatest possible transparency. PC boards are multi-layer, many being 6-layer constructions ensuring the lowest possible noise and jitter while providing optimum grounding. Reliability is guaranteed by conservative operation of all critical components. Close-tolerance parts are used throughout, ensuring the design’s exceptional performance will be maintained through years of continuous operation.

Describing the sound quality of the CD 303/300 creates a challenge for even dedicated audiophiles. New owners are universal in their praise for its ability to reveal inner detail, with solid three-dimensional images, while radiating warmth and harmonic richness heard with only the very best analog playback or live music:

“The reviewers will have to invent new terminology to describe the 303/300. It is truly musical in a way that I have never heard from digital before. That enveloping sound field - it just extends out…from the speakers. And musical, musical, musical.”

“The 306/200 was a great CD player -- very enjoyable, non-fatiguing, musically right. But the 303/300 walks all over it. More air. More space. More harmonic info. More MUSIC.”

“The real strength of this unit is its presence. I have really only listened to the tube output stage so far and I can tell you that it betters the…at ‘being in the moment’.”

We consider the CD 303/300 a statement piece, as it incorporates Cary Audio’s cumulative experience creating analog, digital and hybrid products that are among the most naturally musical sounding available. We are justifiably proud to offer this unique player that realizes, finally, the full musical potential of the vast CD catalog music lovers the world over have embraced.

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